TinyFL is a family owned company that builds luxury tiny homes. Our story began with the desire to live in a tiny home that suited our family’s needs. We are a family of 5 and were searching for the ideal tiny living space that provided ample cooking space, a full bathroom, plenty of storage space, high end finishes, indoor laundry facilities, comfortable sleeping arrangements and the ability to have expansive outdoor living space. The search for a tiny home that had all that we required seemed like an impossible feat. We were looking for a modern well-built home that contained the characteristics that we wanted along with quality materials and finishes that we desired. As professionals we have a background in construction and interior design so we decided to build our own amidst the pandemic. We fell in love with designing and constructing tiny houses and it has now become our business and life’s passion. We are so excited to share our passion and designs with Tiny house lovers all over North America.  We love the models we are creating and hope you do too!! Let us help you build your custom tiny home so you too can live TINY, very comfortably.